CommPower: The small and smart supplier of superior messaging software

Welcome to the CommPower Web site. CommPower specializes in the development and deployment of secure and reliable message handling systems and gateways as well as unique systems solutions to real world problems. We create solutions for the United States Defense Department, NATO allies, the National Weather Service (NWS), the FAA, the U.S. intelligence community, European and Canadian prime government contractors and for you.

     iNOTiFY     Check out our new iNOTiFY public alert and warning system!!!     iNOTiFY video

Products and Systems

  • Product Overview (Defense)
  • CP-145 provides nation-to-nation connectivity including seamless security policy translation.
  • CP-EXP XML portal: XML gateway for web/ASCII based military messaging communities.
  • CP-XJP XML / Legacy Portal and Message Switch.
  • CTBS the most advanced Text-to-Speech capabilities.
  • iNOTiFY a comprehensive public alert and warning system.
  • MFI / MFG Multi Function Interpreter/Gateway: legacy gateway/bridge.
  • MLA mass distribution per defined address lists.
  • TREX 2003 Address List Distribution, Profiling, Tracking, Virus Check, Archive

News & Events

CommPower Launches its new iNOTiFY Weather/Warning System.

  • CommPower has productized the sophisticated weather/warning system developed for NOAA/NWS and is now offering this exciting technology commercially. More

iNOTiFY is a FEMA/IPAWS evaluted Emergency Alert System.

  • FEMA/IPAWS testing of iNOTiFY's Emergency Alert System (EAS) feed has been successfully completed (April 2013)!!!

CommPower Introduces its Command Email Approach.

  • As a first step toward Command Email, CommPower has enhanced all of its Defense Messaging System (DMS) products to include SMIME services as an alternative to FORTEZZA.More


  • TREX-2010, based on the Microsoft's Exchange 2010, is available now. Features include full support for parallel and coordinated TREX-enabled Exchange Hub Transports, XML message export, foreign language profiling, and more...